Zambian Gemstones Attracts Interest In The USA Market

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Thursday December 15th 2016
Celebrated Zambian Gemstone Jeweler Rashmi Sharma has been applauded for her commitment to showcase and market country’s gemstones.
Acting Deputy Chief of Mission James Chisenga said Ms Rashmi’s effort to market the gemstones in the USA had enebaled the products to penetrate the US market.
Ms. Sharma’s Jewel of Africa held an exhibition at Embasy of Zambia in Washington DC.
Among the country’s rich stones that were exhibited included tourmalines, aquamarine and amethyst.
Mr Chisenga observed that the opportunity had allowed Zambia market its potential as a country with the best gemstones.
And speaking at the exhibition, Ms Sharma said Zambia’s gemstones competed favorably on the world market.
Part of the proceeds from the sales are in support of a schools for orphans in Garden compound.
At this occasion, the Embassy was privileged to have former U.S. Ambassador to Zambia, Mr. Mark Storella. He was happy to visit the Embassy and mentioned that he felt at home. The ehibition was well attended by a cross section of patrons who made various inquiries including possible holiday visits to Zambia.

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