Chargé d’Affaires Joseph R. Chilaizya's Biography

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Charge’ d’Affaires Joseph Raphael Chilaizya

Joseph Raphael Chilaizya is the Charge’ D’Affaires of the Republic of Zambia in the United States of America. He is substantively the Deputy Chief of Mission as Minister Counsellor.

He was transferred to the United States of America from The People’s Republic of China in 2014 where he served as Counsellor (Political & Administration) for two years before he was promoted. Previously he served as the Director General of Zambia’s national broadcaster, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation.

Mr. Chilaizya was a veteran journalist with 25 years of experience at various levels of media in which he worked for print, broadcasting and online organizations. He started his media career at the Church-owned National Mirror before he moved to the Times of Zambia as a business reporter. Just before the rebirth of Zambian multiparty politics, he joined the spanking new investigative Weekly Post Newspaper.

He then worked for Sun Newspaper as Chief Reporter before he was promoted as Managing Editor. Mr Chilaizya opened his own investigative Newspaper called The Seer in 2003 but it closed down in 2005.

He then became the News editor of the a new youth radio station called Hot FM, rising over the years to be Director of News and Current Affairs.

In Online Media he headed the One World Debt Channel, an online portal dedicated to international debt and sustainable development. One World and the Debt Channel contributed significantly to the Jubilee Campaign for cancellation of Third World debt.

Mr. Chilaizya also served as Marketing Manager of a food processing company in Ndola on the Copperbelt, rising to deputy Managing Director in the process after successfully opening up exports of Halina’s Farm Products in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. He also became the Marketing Director of Zambezi Arbeitsgemeinschaft an international investment brokerage firm. For his achievements in marketing Mr. Chilaizya was inducted into the Zambia Institute of Marketing and served on the board in 1993 as the spokesman for the institute.

He also served as Executive Director of Patriotic Rescue Monitors, an election monitoring group formed in 1995 on the fringes of the 1996 general elections.