Ambassador Mulonda interviewed on Focus Washington

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On 4th March, 2014, His Excellency Palan Mulonda was featured on a television program titled “Focus on Washington”, on a television platform provided by Qorvis, to discuss Zambia’s 50th independence, which falls on 24th October, 2014.

The Golden Jubilee Celebrations will be held under the theme "Commemorating God’s favour of Zambia’s 50 years of independence for continued peace, unity, democracy and prosperity."

Ambassador Mulonda said Zambia will continue its efforts to be a standard bearer in promoting democracy, good governance, the rule of law, respect for human rights, and economic development. He said one major milestone that stands out as Zambia’s biggest achievement is the peace and stability that the country has enjoyed, coupled with the peaceful transition of power by successive governments in the last half century. Ambassador Mulonda further stated that, in the spirit of promoting peace, Zambia has also played mediatory role in several conflict situations and has continued to promote reconciliation among parties in conflicts, adding that peace was good for Africa, a continent he described as a “rising continent that needs to put negatives behind and instead, promote the gains the continent has made.”

In response to a question as to how Zambia had achieved tribal conflicts against a background of many diverse tribes, Ambassador Mulonda explained that the “One Zambia, One Nation” motto introduced by First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda had always played a role in unifying the country together. He said despite its 73 tribes, Zambians continue to live together in harmony as a result of the sustained efforts of the founding fathers and mothers who were determined to create a unitary state of equal rights and obligations. “Zambia has gone beyond tribe and race through the appointment of a white Vice Republican President who is Scottish by descent, something that is similar with the United States of America where the President is of African descent and the Vice is white,” he said.

Ambassador Mulonda also stated that as the country commemorates its Golden Jubilee, the government has put in place the Vision 2030 that seeks to transform the country into a middle-income prosperous nation by the year 2030. He said the objective of the vision is to see a Zambia that will diversify and develop its economy thereby alleviating poverty.