Ambassador Mulonda pledges support

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March 16, 2014 - Following a recent trip to Oregon by Ambassador Mulonda and Counsellor (Political & Consular), the article below was released by InStove this month.

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Zambian Ambassador Pledges Support

At InStove, making the world safer, cleaner and healthier is about collaboration. InStove’s new ally, Zambian Ambassador to the United States, Palan Mulonda, feels the same.

For many years, Ambassador Mulonda has been involved in the promotion of human rights both in his home country and abroad. In early February, 2014, when we invited him to visit our organization and discuss our plans to open a factory in Zambia, he instantly recognized its potential to improve lives and scheduled a visit to InStove the following week.

Joined by his colleague Brian Mulenga, the ambassador toured our facilities and factory, met with local dignitaries including University of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson, the mayors of Cottage Grove and Eugene, and representatives of Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden. Above all he learned about InStove.“This stove is not an alternative,” he said, “it’s the solution.”

InStove is planning to open a factory in Zambia this year—a project that will provide ongoing benefits to both countries.

“InStove is creating jobs here in Cottage Grove, an area that needs jobs,” said Senator Merkley’s Field Agent for the Environment, Dan Whelan. “The more successful they are, the more successful the community is.”