Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs and IOM Officials in Washington for Diaspora Policy Engagements

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Washington D.C., Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 – A three-person delegation comprising officers from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs and the International Organisation for Migrations (IOM) were in Washington D.C to brief the Zambian Mission in the United States about progress in the implementation of the Diaspora Policy.

Ms. Regina Boma-Phiri, Assistant Director Political & Consular in charge of the Americas and the Caribbean and Ms Bumba Changala from the Passport and Citizenship Office were accompanied by Focal Point person in charge of Diaspora engagement at IOM Ms Sonia Samukonga.

The trio met staff from the Zambian Embassy in Washington D.C before meeting the Zambian diaspora community to share views on how best the Diaspora Policy could be implemented.

The Diaspora Policy was launched in April 2019 by Her Honour the Vice President Inonge Wina.

During the meetings, the delegation informed and updated the Zambian diaspora about the planned activities in the rolling out of the Diaspora Policy, shared and updated the Diaspora and Mission staff about the measures that were being put in place to address issues concerning passport application, NRCs and Birth Certificates. They also provided information regarding acquisition of dual citizenship and responded to various inquiries, queries and challenges faced by the Diaspora. They also carried out a needs assessment of the Mission’s ability to address needs of the Diaspora in order to develop training packages that would build capacities among the staff.