International Org Project C.U.R.E Commends First Lady, Pledges Continued Partnership

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Washington D.C., Thursday, 22nd August 2019 – Project CURE, one of the largest nonprofit humanitarian relief organizations in the world has commended First Lady Esther Lungu for her dedication to uplifting the lives of Zambians and pledged continued partnership with her.

The international organization, which has its headquarters in the US city of Denver, has noted the First Lady’s commitment to bettering the lives of the less-privileged, helping citizens across the country access healthcare and praised her efforts aimed at realizing her dream of a healthy, economically and socially empowered Zambia.

Project CURE has noted the First Lady’s interest in seeking global partnerships that had already resulted in delivery of significant medical supplies and equipment which were benefitting the people.

“The work that the First Lady is doing is very important to her, to the country and it is also very important to us. In that regard we will continue to work with her into the future and that is why we have come to seek the assistance of the Embassy to present a piece of equipment which we know means a lot to her and will help many people benefit from its use,” said Melisa Espoti, Project CURE’s Director of Government and NGO Relations.

“Our partnership and work with the First Lady has already seen the country benefitting with supplies worth up-to US$1.1 million and we want to expand that partnership further.”

Ms. Esposti was speaking at the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Washington D.C when she met Charge d’ Affaires Margaret Kapihya to discuss support to the First Lady’s Foundation and arrange for presentation of an Ultrasound Probe – a medical diagnostic device which was required for the ultrasound equipment shipped to Zambia to be operational. Ms. Esposti also sought possible partnership with the Ministry of Health by working in collaboration with the Counselor – Health at the Mission in Washington D.C. The Embassy of Zambia was also invited to visit a Project Cure station in the US city of Philadelphia.

Ms. Kapihya commended Ms. Esposti for her visit and continued support to the initiatives of the First Lady and seeking further partnerships with other institutions.

“Your work is commendable and we are delighted to receive this equipment on behalf of the First Lady because we know that her work and initiatives are benefitting many people and will continue to transform thousands of lives particularly in rural parts of the country. We look forward to the meetings we have scheduled in the coming weeks and we also look forward to seeing you expanding your work with the First Lady’s initiatives,” Ms. Kapihya said.

Project CURE is a non-profit, humanitarian relief organization based in Denver, Colorado. It is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world that delivers medical supplies and equipment to developing countries. Its main purpose is to collect and sort donated medical supplies and equipment from manufacturers, hospitals, and surpluses and then distribute the supplies and equipment to developing countries based on a needs-assessment of the local hospitals and clinics in those countries.

Recently, Project CURE hosted the First Lady during The First Ladies Luncheon; an initiative of the organization which raises funds and brings awareness to the humanitarian efforts of First Ladies from around the world. Combined, Project CURE First Ladies Luncheons held since 2006 have raised enough funding to deliver a total of $19 million worth of medical relief to hospitals and clinics throughout Zambia, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, Belize, Mexico, Ghana, Panama, Tanzania, Kenya, Mongolia and Mozambique.

In its Summer 2019 communique, Project Cure hailed the First Lady for being a vocal advocate for maternal and child health, the empowerment of women and girls and for people with disabilities.

Project CURE noted her commitment to helping citizens across the country access healthcare and praised her efforts aimed at realizing her dream of a healthy, economically and socially empowered Zambia.

Issued by:

Eric Mwanza
First Secretary – Press
Embassy of the Republic of Zambia
Washington D.C.