Local Government and Housing Minister arrives for the 2014 Sanitation and Water for All High Level Meeting

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April 10, 2014 - Local Government and Housing Minister, Emmanuel Chenda has arrived in the US capital for a two day sanitation and water for all high level meeting.

Mr. Chenda was met at Dulles International Airport by Zambia's Ambassador to the United States Palan Mulonda.

During the meeting which is being held on the sidelines of the 2014 World Bank/IMF spring meetings, Mr. Chenda will make a presentation on Zambia's current status on water and sanitation.

The objective of the 2014 high level meeting is to outline an ambitious and yet achievable vision for the sector, smart investments to achieve water, sanitation and hygiene for all, link water and sanitation to the economic growth agenda, emphasize the importance of getting investments right, including addressing sustainability and inequalities and provide an opportunity for learning from successful cost-effective and sustainable investments in water and sanitation.

The Minister observed that during the meeting his delegation will learn the best practices that can be replicated in Zambia.

He observed that currently only 33 per cent of the rural population have access to clean water which he said was a serious concern.

Mr. Chenda noted that it was also perturbing that the increase in sinking of boreholes in urban centers may in future cause contamination as some of these were sunk within prohibited parameters.

He observed that although 80 per cent of urban dwellers have access to clean water, this would be compromised in years to come, hence the strategies being put in place by Government.

During the meeting Thirty-five developing countries including Zambia and twelve donors will work together with sector partners to review progress on their 2012 high level meeting commitments and sector bottlenecks.

Issued by
Patricia Littiya
First Secretary (Press and Public Relations)
Embassy of the Republic of Zambia
Washington, DC