President Hichilema Addresses the Global Leadership Council and the Rockefeller Foundation on Providing Electricity to Off-the-Grid Rural Areas

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President Hakainde Hichilema on 21st September 2023 addressed (virtually) the Global Leadership Council and members of the Rockefeller Foundation gathered in New York on providing electricity to rural areas that are off the main grid.

UK based entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa partnered with President Hichilema on appealing to the leading financial institutions present at the meeting to support Zambia's efforts to construct over 1500 mini-power grids.

In his address, President Hichilema said Zambia's energy landscape is marked by significant potential with a capacity of 3.37 million kilowatts in electricity production, ranking 13th among 54 African countries.

He said with rural electrification, the aim is to raise the electrification rate to 51% by 2030.

“We have made significant strides in promoting renewable energy sources for a more sustainable and diversified energy mix. We are ambitious about transforming Zambia's energy landscape, we are excited about the 1500 Mini-grid Initiative which we will launch in Zambia soon. This is a collaborative endeavour with the support of our valued partners, the Rockefeller Foundation and the SEforALL (Sustainable Energy for All) team. This ground-breaking initiative represents our unwavering commitment to extend the benefits of electricity to over 1000 communities, effectively illuminating the lives of 1,000,000 people and countless businesses. If the global alliance can support 5000 mini grids, we can electrify more than a quarter of Zambia’s population.”

“Through the deployment of mini-grids, we aim to bridge the energy access gap in remote and underserved communities and also empower these households with the tools for increased income, education, improved healthcare, and enhanced overall quality of life. We extend an invitation to you, Dr. Shah, and the other members of the GLC to join us for our ground-breaking ceremony before the end of this year.”

“Our journey is clear, our goals are set, and our vision is unwavering. To fully actualise this vision, it will require significant investment from all. We need the resources, the determination, and the resilience to lead the way. We call on the Global Alliance to help electrify Zambia and build a brighter future for all,” said President Hichilema.

In the photo is Mr. Masiyiwa, Dr. Lawrence Mwananyanda, Senior Adviser to the President Policy Implementation and His Excellency Ambassador Chibamba Kanyama who attended the meeting in-person at the Rockefeller Foundation Head Office.