US Embassy “Sells” Zambian Gems in Jewel of Africa Gem and Jewelry Show

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Washington D.C., Tuesday, 5th November 2019 – The Zambian Embassy in Washington D.C next month hosts the Jewel of Africa Gem and Jewelry exhibition with a view to expanding the country’s share of the American and global multi-billion Jewelry trade. The Jewel of Africa Gem and Jewelry Show will take place on Tuesday 10th December 2019 at the Embassy of Zambia on 2200 R Street NW, Washington D.C.

The hosting of the exhibition is one of the efforts the embassy is undertaking in ramping up economic diplomacy on the heels of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s call to diversify the economy in order to create jobs and wealth.

It will be hosted by Rashmi Sharma, renowned jewelry designer, gemologist, valuer and expert in African gemstones.

Sandra Kasaby, Marketing & Operations Manager for Jewel of Africa said the primary objective of hosting an American show of Zambian gems was to enhance awareness about Zambia, its natural resources in particular gems, generate sales to over 2000 of the company’s existing loyal US customers, attract new customers and investors who can help create a gem industry that would be an engine of economic growth.

“We want to show the American market and the world that Zambia has a variety of high quality natural and untreated gemstones, fine craftmanship as well as reiterate that Zambian gemstones are natural, quality conflict free gems,” Kasaby said.

According to Future Market Insights (FMI), global demand for gemstones is envisaged to surge steadily over the course of the coming years. Gemstones worth nearly US$ 22 billion were sold in 2018, as reported by a new research intelligence outlook of the FMI. According to FMI’s report, nearly 85% of overall sales of gemstones is accounted by jewelry and ornaments, a majority of which is accounted by gemstone-studded rings.

The USA alone imports over $600million of emeralds, of which Jewel of Africa want Zambian gems to earn to earn a significant component.

In addition to emeralds, Zambia has seven gemstones. Kasaby said from the Copperbelt to Luapula there is Turquoise - a soft baby blue gem, an opaque aggregate like Malachite that is serene to the touch and is one of the best sellers in the West and the Middle East.

The north west of the country has garnets, commonly known as deep reds. Zambia has four different colours of Garnets (dark red Pyrope, bright Orange Sunrise Spessartite, the cinnamon Sunset red Hessonite and the rose Rhodolite including the most valuable green garnets that resemble the Columbian yellow green emerald. Chipata-Petauke-Nyimba areas have Tourmalines, Aquamarine, Southern Province has the Siberian Amethyst and the more common lighter purple from Mwinilunga.

Kasaby said every corner of Zambia has a gem that is internationally appreciated.

“Let’s all start wearing a piece of Zambia to create this industry as an engine for national growth and build a culture around these beauties that are just waiting to sparkle,” she said adding that the show in Washington will also help encourage gem tourism.

Jewel of Africa has been selling and marketing in US for over 18 years.

“It is a mature market that knows quality and value of jewelry as an investment. Added to that the AGOA treaty allowing tariff free access of beneficiated gemstones and jewelry into the USA helps give our products a price advantage. So, we are coming to the USA without any middlemen, tariff-free under the AGOA (Africa Growth Opportunity Act) and this is a huge advantage for the American buyer and consumer in that they will be buying top quality products from the source thereby saving them costs in airfares and shipping,” Kasaby said.

Issued by:

Eric Mwanza
First Secretary – Press & Public Relations
Embassy of the Republic of Zambia
Washington D.C.