WISE Sets Aside 150 Secondary School Scholarships For Kaoma Residents

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A-US-based Non-Governmental Organization, Women’s Initiative that Strengthen and Empower (WISE) has set aside 150 secondary school scholarships to underprivileged people in Kaoma District of Western Province in Zambia.

WISE Board Member Joanne Bollinger says the scholarship programme will provide continuous access to education from 8th grade through college. She says her organization is in receipt of numerous applicants needing scholarships.

Ms. Bollinger says WISE seeks to supplement Government’s efforts in providing quality education to the vulnerable in Western province by increasing the number of beneficiaries. She says of the 150 secondary school scholarship 75 percent will be awarded to girls who at risk of early marriage while 25 percent to boys.

“We are a unique NGO in Western Province. Our focus is to meet the educational needs of the vulnerable in this part of Zambia where girls are at great risk of early marriage. We also seek to support empowerment and economic independence for vulnerable women and children through vocational and agriculture initiatives,” Ms. Bollinger said.

Ms. Bollinger further said the Kaoma WISE trust women’s Center is also conducting training in sewing, agriculture initiatives, nutrition, vocational and entrepreneurship skills. She said WISE is working at extending these services to Luampa district and other surrounding areas in the province. Ms. Bollinger said during a reception held at the Zambian Embassy in Washington D.C.

In 2014 WISE initiated a scholarship program to reach high-achieving students from the outlying village schools in Kaoma District. The five-member WISE board works in the U.S. as an all-volunteer working board, with teams led by at least two members traveling to Kaoma every year.