Zambia participates in Passport DC 2014

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May 7, 2014 - The Mission participated in Passport DC “Around the World” Embassy Tour on the 3rd of May 2014. Passport DC is an annual celebration of international cultures organised by Cultural Tourism DC. It showcases Washington DC’s embassies and cultural organizations with tours of more than seventy (70) embassies and numerous events which include street festivals, performances and exhibitions.

The Zambian Mission opened its doors to the public at 10am. The Mission had prepared some Zambian sample foods for the public that included kapenta (sardines), samp (broken boiled maize), ifishimu (caterpillars), Ifisashi (pumpkin leaves mixed with groundnuts), nshima and cassava. In addition, the Mission had Zambian music playing in the embassy garden. A tourism desk was placed out in the garden where people often stopped by to learn more about Zambian Tourism. The board room was elaborately decorated with Zambian art work and other cultural materials depicting Zambian lifestyles and livelihoods. The turnout was overwhelming at an approximated four thousand, five hundred (4,500) people. This was a thousand (1000) more people passing through the Mission doors than last year. The honorary consul to Colorado for Zambia Cherri Briggs had Katie McDonugh represent her from her company Explore. She spoke to many people about traveling to Zambia on vacation and also handed out numerous marketing materials. A lot of people also sat in the back garden to eat their Zambian food and listen to Zambian music.